Personal Insurance

We strive to be the best customer-centric at RIZK Insurance Solutions, providing Commercial and Personal Insurance Solutions.

Whether you are at the financial spender stage, accumulator stage or retirement stage in your life cycle, we have the right solutions to meet your needs. We use a systematic approach in helping you determine your requirements and needs with a no-frills approach to help you analyse the solutions, without bias towards a specific policy type.

Income protection – In today’s fast expenditure world, Income Protection will form the basic requirement for you in an event of incapacity to perform your trained occupation requirements, including misfortune being deceased. Your dependent(s) will not have to worry about their developments and survival needs.

Medical & Hospital coverage – Medical costs are ever increasing! Protect yourself and your family in early age possible from these hefty bills.

Critical Illness – Critical illness if treated early, tends to have a better chance of recovery. However, treatments can be expensive, and long-term treatments or rehabilitation may burden your family’s financial too.

Legacy planning – Achieve your financial goals for your retirement, children’s education or perhaps a new business plan in the future through RIZK. Our Investment Link Plans provide flexibility and transparency in your investments and insurance coverage. You can choose to invest in one or more managed trusted funds too.

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