Insurance Protection for the Way You Live
The world does not and cannot stop even in the face of unexpected eventualities in life. We are committed to ensuring that yours and/or your family’s life does not have to stop either. RIZK offers a wide range of market-leading personal insurance products – from economically priced basic cover to comprehensive cover for maximum protection.

With RIS, we understand that you will go through many stages in your life, as such your needs and situations change and you will need the right solutions to meet your protection needs. We use a systematic approach in helping you determine your requirements and a no-frills approach to help you analyse the solutions, without bias toward a specific policy type.

We insure not to ensure that we die rich, but so that someone we love continues to live.


Income Protection:
In today's fast growing world, money is king and income protection forms the most basic requirement in event of incapacity to perform our occupation by which we are reasonably trained or in event that we check-in to heaven for eternal rest. Our dependants will not only need to worry about their own development but also survival needs.

With our income protection tools, we aim to meet these needs and ensure dignity of living.

Medical and Hospital Income:
Medical costs are ever-increasing in today’s environment and have you and family insured before age or medical conditions render someone uninsurable.

Critical Illness:
Critical illnesses, termed rightfully so, is different from terminal illnesses. This is a common confusion. Critical illnesses, if discovered early, tend to have a high chance of recovery. Treatments most likely come with a high price tag and we advise our clients to be minimally well insulated in this area.

Partial Disability:
This is always confused with total and permanent disability. Partial disability takes care of events which renders a person unable to function in original bodily conditions, yet still mobile or able to move with little or no assistance.


Our clients always plan ahead for important occasions such as saving for children's education, starting a business or enjoying well-earned golden years in retirement. It is a well-known fact that the earlier financial planning is started, the better possibility there is of getting higher returns over time. Achieving your financial goals and secure the lifestyle that you so desire.


  • Regular Premium
  • Regular Premium
  • Single Premium
  • CPF
  • Retirement: SRS (Supplementary Retirement Scheme)
Investment-linked plans (ILP) allow flexibility and transparency whether you wish to grow money for your children’s education, build a retirement nest egg, save for a rainy day, or build a business empire. ILPs are insurance plans that, typically, combine the benefits of insurance protection and investment. In general, a portion of the premium will go towards the cost of insurance and the remainder will be invested in one or more managed funds. The less insurance protection offered, the greater the amount of premium that goes towards your investment objectives. ILPs are neither principal nor performance is guaranteed. The value of your investment is dependent upon the price of units in the underlying funds and may rise or fall. One of the principle advantages of ILPs is that you get to pick which funds to invest in and, throughout the life of the policy, you can switch your fund-holding between different funds. The available funds you can choose from have a variety of risk/return profiles, and are invested in different asset classes. This means that you can achieve broad diversification and risk management with the convenience of a single plan.

Wealth Management

Jumbo Policies / Universal Life :
For all our high net worth clients, they may be interested in legacy planning or trust arrangements. We have several trust funds, legal and accountancy tie-ups with relevant partners to provide confidentialand trusted advisory in this area.

Expatriates Coverage